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Welcome to . . .

Group Photo of the 3 Leaders of the Ascension Fleet

In our RP fleet, our goal is no less than ensuring that each of us
always has assistance, as well as assisting any others
that we may come across that may be found in need.

That's what a fleet is for, after all, HELPING each other,
and here at the Axis that goes beyond just our fleet its self.

We are a new, but growing fleet dedicated to assiting
those in need while bettering ourselves in the process.
We have active alliances with 4 other fleets, a fleet aliance chat channel,
and welcome new players with arms wide open.

The wearing of fleet uniforms is not mandatory, but is appreciated.
We are shooting for Fleet Night to be on Wednesdays,
but may change it according to schedules.
RP is only mandatory during Fleet Night.
Fleet rank will only be given out through dedication and loyalty
to the fleet, including participating in enough Fleet Nights,
assisting our Allied Fleets, or working on the website.

All are welcome in our Fleet!
All design ideas for Fleet Uniforms are welcome for consideration.
One needs only to create a design, take a screenshot of said design, and email it to me here:
We will be having a contest for a new Fleet Uniform VERY SOON!
So get a head start and send in your design now  ;-)
Fleet Established Stardate: 87872.98

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